Reasons this is a threat:

  • Many of these plans were not in compliance with the law and are considered  abusive tax shelters
  • Many business owners are not even aware that the "welfare benefit plan"or "retirement plan" that they are participating in may be an "abusive tax shelter"..
  • Huge  "IRS penalties" could apply for each year that they have been in the plan.
  • Listed and reportable transactions that are not handled properly are causing people to experience huge IRS fines and penalties.

The Lance Wallach"Team Can Resolve Problems With Any Of The Following


The IRS Will Try To Scare You Into Paying 
Don't Let Them Get Away With It When There Is Help Available

Many business owners are now getting "or already got  a Section 6707A letter from the IRS telling them that they will be forced to pay severe  fines and penalties for participating in 412i  retirement plans or  419 welfare benefit plans.